Monday, 3 July 2017

Scarlett Pokemon-Nintendo finished

My favourite thing is pokemon!
On my nintendo my partner is Dicereye. I also have lunala a legendery pokemon. It's the pokemon of the moon. Pokemon is my absolute favourite tv show.
                The person on these pictures is Ash.The yellow pokemon on his shoulder is pikachu. Do you like pokemon? Well I love pokemon                                                                          

India a story of the adventure tree chapter 1

Once upon a time there was four kids. One was called Jett was a girl and aonther girl was called Amelia b.Plus a boy called Niam.We called Amelia, Amelia b and we called Jett, Jett m. Their mother was at home picking weeds and looking after the garden. Their cosin was called Logan. Sometimes he comes on the adventures with the others. Also they lived near a wood called the mysterious woods.

Phoebe-my brother Nate finished

I have a brother called Nathaniel but people call him Nate for short. He is nine and I am seven years old. He can be natty and good. I love my brother Nate.

Arlo: Nerf War

Evrey weekend me and my freinds have a nerf war in my dad's office.  It's always fun.  The teams are all my friends and me vs my dad. I use a sniper and a machine gun. Our base is the x -box room. My dad's base is the  meeting room. We always attack him and when I say attack him I mean smash him. I can't wait until next weekend .

Mimi: Butterfly Magic

One day there was a woman call Beatrix Beel.  She lived surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Butterfly's in her garden.  She had a pretty garden and she was happy with her garden but her next door neighbour called Mr Crizzle was just not happy, he was a grumpy!  If a baby said hi  at Mr Crizzle  he said, "Go a way." He did not like people or animals. The one thing that Mr Grizzle did likedwas his dog called Paul. Every day Paul came into his bed and woof because Paul needed his food.

[William] Gemstones

Gemstones are found in deep underground caves.

Miners have to use strong ropes and harnesses to safely lower themselves down. Gemstones are mainly found near lava. Miners have to wear protective armour. Gemstones are dangerous to mine.

Maiah: My sister's hockey game

On Satruday I went to my sister's hockey game.  It was raning in the seconed half and I couldn't get my arm wet so we went inside the cafe and got some hot chips but we got really big ones. After the game we got some more chips and I kept on telling my mum to get me some salt and vineger  chips but she said no but we still got four packets of chips. I think that my sisters team won because  they were in the advanced hockey. The advanced hockey was really good.