Tuesday, 28 March 2017


In Term 1 the Kowhai team is moving up to the field. We are moving because we are going to get a three story building. We are going to get a gymnasium. I am so excited.

Anthony -The new classrooms

This term the buliders are demolishing the buildings and making new ones.  Our class is going to be on the fields. The builders won't demolish the top classes,  they're going to demolish our class and some other classes.

Our New Classrooms by Mila

 At  the  end  of  the  term  we  will  have  moved  to  some  new  classrooms. We  are  moving  because the   builders  are going  to  pull  down  our  buildings. I  think  that  Mister  Barker  is  doing  it because   he  wants  to  make it  a  better  school. I'm  excited  and   worried. I     am   worried  because we  are  going  to  have to  pack all  our  stuff    up   and   I  am  excited  because  it  is  fun  moving  yay.