Tuesday, 24 October 2017

What the class room equipment got up to by Pippa.

It was school holidays and all the children were on holiday as well as all the teachers.  In room 5 Charlie's pencil case was unzipping itself and Charlie's pencil Max got out  and called Charlie's rubber Pingles.

You might think it is silly that pencils can talk but it is actually quite  amazing how much class equipment can move, talk, eat and drink.  Pingles was very cheeky and he liked making mischief.

Max called again, '' Pingles you're not making mischief  again are you?

Pingles came running to Max.

Did you say I make mischief, said Pringles.
 Yes, I did actually  but Pingles now we need to do our morning duties and then we can have fun.
 Ok  said Pingles and off they went.

 On the way they met Harley Ellis the ruler.

 Harley said, Come on lets have some fun.  I have done all of your duties and so they all went off to have fun.

Then they met Lulu Cocos the crayon so they all went off to their favourite place and soon Max turned into a trouble maker too, so they were all trouble makers.

Then Lulu said, Let's ruin the children's new stationery.

Yes lets, said everyone.

So they went back to bed and in the morning they were going to be real trouble makers.  In the morning they said,

 Let's make a mess everywhere, so they started on the play ground and moved to the field and then to the courts and toilets and last of all but worst of all the classrooms. They messed up the senior block and  the junior block and the middle school block but the only classroom they did not mess up in the middle school block was Charles. ALL the equipment went in and ripped at the stationery, tore at the pictures, scribbled on the white board and tore at the carpet and wrote names over the tables. Worst of all the stationery then snuggled into their pencil cases and went to sleep waiting for the children to come back and see what a surprise they would get.

 What a lovely holiday it had been!

by Pippa

What the class equipment got up to-Aniva

Over the holidays kids went on vacation,spent time with their family all sorts of things like that. But do you know what the classroom equipment got up to during the holidays? Well let me tell you what they did in the holidays.

You might think the equipment just stays where it is over 2 weeks, Well you're wrong. It does loads over the holidays. The equipment gets up to mischief most of the time and also runs around town trying to get attention. You think that's all they do? Well no, the classroom equipment does WAY more than that. When they're upset they try to cheer each other up by doing something they love. [Causing mischief around town.] They even do the same thing on the weekend.

 Finally the kids are back at school having a very good time on their first day back. The equipment started talking about how much fun the holidays were. Soon  it was the end of the day and the equipment started drawing a few pictures and reading some books too. They ended up reading lots of books and doing lots of writing in all the children's writing books. The next day the children came back and wanted to write in their writing books. But they couldn't because someone had written in all the pages of the books.

WHO WAS IT? shouted one of the children in the room.

 The equipment giggled and laugh as they saw what it was that the children were whining about. RING RING RING.

That's the bell for home time, shouted the children.

They soon all jumped up like kangaroos and rushed out the door like a big heard.

Finally peace at last said the equipment.
What do you think we should do now, asked the glue.
We'll do the things that we usually do.
And whats that.? asked the crayons.
We run round town to get attention and do other stuff.
Nah, said the equipment. How about we read and do something sensible for once.
Oh fine.

Then the equipment started to read and clean up the classroom a little bit.

That looks much better, said the glue.
I agree said the pencil.
Us too, said the crayons.

Then everyone laughed.

by Aniva Rm 13

Beata - The classroom equipment comes to life.

Guys guys... shhhhhh but they're gone.
Are you sure.
Yes I"m sure
 Are you sure your sure
 Yes I,m sure okay .
Come on guys wake up.
Okay okay turn on the light  and we will make the biggest most loudest party ever and we will invite all the stationery there is in the school.
So you mean every body.
Everybody so lets get inviting .
Hey Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,blue,Purple,Pink,Brown,black and Vanilla yeah, do you want to come to our party year.
What time does it start?
At 9pm to the end of the holidays.
Cool you will be sure to see us there.

Hours passed and before they knew it .they had invited every peice of stationery there was in the whole school .Time passed and then finally 9 o clock arrived.

 I think it's time we open the doors said the sharpest pencil.
 Can I do it said broken rubber ?
Sure thing.

 So broken rubber walked up to the door and jumped up and pulled the door handle. A crowd of pens rushed in from room 14 ,some rubbers from room 10, some paper clips from room 12 and many more .The party was started pens swung on plugs, rubbers jumped on cushions, scissors played with the word wall. Days passed so quickly and the holidays came to a end .

Guys quickly get back to your classrooms the children are coming back .
Hi Donna.
Hello children.     

The End   by Beata R13              

Monday, 3 July 2017

Scarlett Pokemon-Nintendo finished

My favourite thing is pokemon!
On my nintendo my partner is Dicereye. I also have lunala a legendery pokemon. It's the pokemon of the moon. Pokemon is my absolute favourite tv show.
                The person on these pictures is Ash.The yellow pokemon on his shoulder is pikachu. Do you like pokemon? Well I love pokemon                                                                          

India a story of the adventure tree chapter 1

Once upon a time there was four kids. One was called Jett was a girl and aonther girl was called Amelia b.Plus a boy called Niam.We called Amelia, Amelia b and we called Jett, Jett m. Their mother was at home picking weeds and looking after the garden. Their cosin was called Logan. Sometimes he comes on the adventures with the others. Also they lived near a wood called the mysterious woods.

Phoebe-my brother Nate finished

I have a brother called Nathaniel but people call him Nate for short. He is nine and I am seven years old. He can be natty and good. I love my brother Nate.

Arlo: Nerf War

Evrey weekend me and my freinds have a nerf war in my dad's office.  It's always fun.  The teams are all my friends and me vs my dad. I use a sniper and a machine gun. Our base is the x -box room. My dad's base is the  meeting room. We always attack him and when I say attack him I mean smash him. I can't wait until next weekend .